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(47) Violence at Home and Crime in Society.



I read Cato's entry at CW on his home being robbed and thought I would comment here rather than expose the horrid tale more publicly there.

Violence warning: The following is a grisly tale which I have endeavoured to lighten. Yes I am on my soapbox in do-gooder mode. I would say bleeding heart mode, but as you will see it wasn't my heart that was bleeding.

In January 1998, I opened my door to a knock and received a brick to the head for my trouble. :lol:

With what little sense I had left I shut the door. The brick-layer was so upset that I had managed to lock him out that he started throwing anything he could find at the glass patio door in the hope of shattering the glass. :cry:

I alerted the other half who was in bed watching a movie. I swear the Empire could strike back on our front lawn and he wouldn't hear it.

I rushed back to the kitchen where the masonry expert was still trying to master his glass shattering skills and picked up the phone to call the police direct-line phone number.

While the phone was ringing I could see drops of blood falling from my head on to the table in a most inelegant manner. :hehe:

Finally the phone was answered, "You have reached your police department, please hold, your call is important to us." :cry:

I hung up and dialled the all service emergency number.

I was connected to the police immediately and gave them the details and the address, just as the glass door finally shattered and the dreaded invaders (I could now tell there were at least four of them,) yelled out for me to give them all my drugs.

"Drugs?" They want my vitamin pills? No wait a minute they think I take drugs. They wouldn't know I am allergic to the weed and that I am a control freak who hates losing self-control to some herb or chemical concoction of illicit origin. Gee, even the doctor has to threaten me with alternative punishments to get me to take prescription medicine.

So I shouted back at them, "We don't have any."

I grabbed my half-dressed, better half and ran out the door on the other side of our love-nest, we call our home, into the street.

The police and the neighbours arrived along with an ambulance.

One of the neighbours was holding ice to my head and I watched trickling icy blood run down her hand, my blood! :lol:

One of my big butch heterosexual male neighbours went searching for the demolition crew. He was very concerned for his little gay mates as he calls us.

As he was returning from his search I had to stop the police from drawing their guns on him, he truly looked an image of terminator proportions, lurching down street, baseball bat at the ready in his hands. When I explained who he was, one of the police officers said, "Just as well he didn't find them."

I could hear the police and neighbours exchanging questions about how could these people, "these scum" do these things, about how difficult it was to stop the criminal element, when I heard myself exclaim, "You are asking the wrong questions. You should be asking how come we have developed a society where individuals attack others?"

In other words, "the system is broke and needs fixing."

The answers of deprivation, poor education, poverty, unemployment, social injustice and inequality of opportunity as a contribution to crime seems to be furthest from some people's minds.

Yes, I know there are criminal cartels and drug addicted crazies out there who have abandoned any sense of right and wrong, but they would be less in number if our social structure ensured large portions of the population were not deprived of their basic human rights and self-esteem for the sake of profit that amounts to no more than "legitimate" business avarice.

These are my thoughts on such matters only, I am sure you have yours.

I vacate the soapbox.

PS. I am okay and you can't see any scars because of my old age wrinkles. :hug:


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There are too many people, and there aren't enough resources for the wants, desires and needs of all of them. That said, we still have to look at the desire of people to cooperate for the greater good, compared to taking what they need for themselves. The lack of a 'heart' in the corporate world has undoubtedly driven our decency downwards, since there is no 'community spirit' in a corporation and there is no way to talk with such an entity. Generally, people seem to be fairly okay with each other if there isn't a 'heartless entity' involved. Once the big entity throws in its own agenda, that goodwill goes out the window. Anything, from corporations, to government institutions, to religious organizations, to gangs influence people to behave in other than caring ways towards each other, both by trying to garner loyalty unto themselves, or simply decreasing the importance of goodwill towards other humans. Even so called charitable organization do this, removing the direct humanity from the issue, in favor of an overall position, often too far removed from the people in need.My sister has, with help from her family and friends, raised enough money and sent enough supplies to a single family in the Philippines that they are now housed in a 3 bedroom apartment, have their first Christmas decorations and gifts, ever, and a fund for all the kids to go to school and on to college. This was done by simply showing the photos of the family, sending e-mails back and forth, and drawing from the kids, and of course, the odd thank-you note. The donations of money by each person, has exceeded by far, the amount they would normally have given to charitable institutions. The reason is clear; they can see the direct human beings in need, and see that their help has truly helped. Locally, there is more and more of a trend to go towards community service for young offenders. While it may not work for all, many can see that others are hurting too, and they get a good feeling about being able to help. Amazingly, helping someone else is generally the best way to get out of one's own depression. Also interestingly, the vast majority of poor people, give a much greater amount to charity (per income) than do rich people. Why? Almost certainly because they aren't removed from humanity like many richer types are. The rich isolate themselves (often, but not always), and they are the poorer for that.

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Thank you Trab, for your detailed and in my opinion quite accurate thoughts and observations. It does fall on us all to maintain compassion for our fellow human beings or at least not to add to the misery of others. I have seen the rich help the poor and I have seen the poor cheat each other.Similarly I have seen the opposite. There sometimes appears to be an ironic justice when the rich cheat each other, but in the end it is usually the underprivileged that ends up paying. I know it is hackneyed, but I think there is more than a modicum of truth in the saying, "When we cheat, we cheat ourselves." It is what we cheat out of ourselves that is most telling. When we lose our self respect we most likely have been cheated of it by someone, it is important to make sure we have not done it to ourselves. That sometimes means we must seek to be charitable in the face of the demands of selfishness or vengeance. Not always easy.More power to your sister and her friends. :icon1:

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You guys make valid points and I'm not arguing them, but you have to realize that people have been attacking each other as long as humans have inhabited the earth, so it's not that there are too many people and it's not that this system is broken. Although no doubt these things do prompt certain individuals to take criminal action. I think it's a very deep innate human tendency towards violence, towards turning personal issues out as anger instead of dealing with them, towards justifying attacking the other guy for your own personal gain or to build your pitiful ego, towards attacking others as a method of fitting in socially. It's deep, it's genetic, it's part of being human. Obviously a large portion of the population also have deep rooted desires to be good to others. The two tendencies can live in the same person. It's the age old battle of good and evil, and it lives in each one of us. I think it's a personal decision made by each individual, not once, but each time an opportunity arises - good or evil. Which will they choose? And I think the biggest influence on their decision is social pressure, or what's considered acceptable, in the world in which the individual lives.

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Dessie-loo,Believe me when I say I am not lessening this horrific event in any way. BUT....Could it be you mis-interrupted the true intentions of said attackers? You are advancing in years, and perhaps your hearing failed you. Maybe instead of yelling out "give us your drugs", could it be they yelled out "give us hugs"? I would be willing to fly down under and spend a few sessions with you and the BF on the couch. Maybe between the three of us we can "straighten" out the true events. Something to think about. :icon1: Jason R.

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Dessie-loo,Believe me when I say I am not lessening this horrific event in any way. BUT....Could it be you mis-interrupted the true intentions of said attackers? You are advancing in years, and perhaps your hearing failed you. Maybe instead of yelling out "give us your drugs", could it be they yelled out "give us hugs"? I would be willing to fly down under and spend a few sessions with you and the BF on the couch. Maybe between the three of us we can "straighten" out the true events. Something to think about. :icon1: Jason R.
Oh Jason, provided you don't use the brick technique of instruction, I am sure we would love to be straightened out by you. hmmm I am not certain that any of us will actually be straight by the end of the lesson though. What a wonderful idea for a story though. A group of tough street thugs demanding hugs from little old ladies and doddering gentlemen in the carpark at the supermarket. Brings a tear to the eye. We could start a door to door campaign to help straying youth called , "Hugs for Thugs who are giving up Drugs." :lol: "Dessie-loo?" where did that come from. ROFL :lol:
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I like the sound of that, Hugs for Thugs who are giving up Drugs. :lol: Now that the flatteries are over. . . I hate you Desiloo. I try and try and try some more to be just a bit more witty than you and you constantly out-witty me. It's like you have a book on being witty that you keep locked away in your desk. :icon1: I say its not fair. NO, I scream its not fair.*pouts*I'll have to talk a bit with your BF to try and find your weakness. Every superhero has one, and I swear by the Thor's Hammer that I'll find yours if its the last thing I do.*cuts wrist and signs pledge in blood*Jason R. (out to prove he's more witty than you)

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ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!We're just reached a new low, set a new record for lack of empathy.Poor Des gets conked on the noggin so hard he's befuddled and bleeding and unwell, and Wibby feels sorry for the brick.Where is the humanity?I need another drink.C

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Ah Cole,Wibby understands bricks don't hurt people, it is people who use the bricks who hurt people.The brick is innocent. I have seen the error of my ways and have made a resolution to not let my head attack any more bricks. :icon1::lol:

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