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Heath, Hell and Australia Day



Firstly I offer my condolences, respect and tears for the loss of Heath Ledger, a great bloke and a fine actor.

That anyone, especially a man professing to be a man of God, should ridicule a man at his death for not fitting in with their concepts of religion is to me down right abhorrent. To claim knowledge that the dead person is now in Hell is irrational, illogical and deplorable.

Who would do such a thing? Fred Phelps, who else? See the link that TR has provided here

Fred claims to have knowledge that Heath is in Hell, complete with flames.

During all this, Phelps also claims that Australia is a land of sodomites. :lol:

Then we have Trab's illuminating report here that Aussies are being warned to steer clear of Canada because,

"An Australian government website lists Canada as a country where travellers need to be cautious about terrorism, dangerous winter driving and cold weather conditions."

Obviously the government thought because it is too cold for us practise sodomy in such weather or while driving the car, that it would be terrible for us.

On behalf of the Australian people I would make it known that we do not concur with any ideas that Canada is so dangerous as to warrant such a statement.

Some Australia Day this is turning out to be.

oh yes I suppose I should tell you that January 26th is our National (booze up) Australia Day.

Similar to our US friend's July the 4th, except we drink more than they do.

In the light of Fred Phelps' sodomite claims, I am wondering if he got it mixed up with our national food, Vegemite?

Just what does Fred put on his sandwiches? Inquiring minds want to know in case his mentality is diet related.

Fred also has a go at "Faggy England" but I will leave that for Camy to comment on.

I am asking our Government agencies that they quickly offer apologies to our Canadian brothers and sisters for any insinuation that they are are mad terrorists hellbent on killing the touring sodomites from Australia.

I will tell them we should offer package holidays to Canadians who would like to see our national sodomy games, perhaps even take part in them. :hehe:

You will know when you have met an Australian because we always greet people by saying "G'Day"

short for "Gay Day". Some people have thought G'day was short for a welcoming, "Good Day"

But no. It is actually short for Gay Day, and we always say it before we sodomise anyone.

G'day, mate? :hug::hug::hug:

Which also explains why we call each other "mate."

Australia, land of the sodomites. I guess that explains our low birth rate. :lol:

Australia, Land of the Sodomites, we live in hope, I wish.

It's a wonder Fred didn't claim that Australia sucks.

And we are very good at that too. :hug:


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I would love to visit Australia, and it has actually been a dream of mine for decades. Sadly, cost is a huge factor, as is the lack of disposable income, so it is likely to remain a dream till I visit it as a spirit in the afterlife. To be able to say, "G'day" and know the real meaning would be priceless.Oh, and have a nice Australia Day. Don't get too drunk...(is that possible?)

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If the WBC ever decides to picket my funeral, I'll know that I've done something right.Maddy (:(and, as with anyone who dares mess with R'ingIP Maddy, I shall come out of my grave and eat their brains)

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In the light of Fred Phelps' sodomite claims, I am wondering if he got it mixed up with our national food, Vegemite?
Des, I just did some research after reading the above post in your blog.SODs, also known as Superoxide Dismutase, are enzymes which destroy superoxide free radicals and prevent the cellular damage that free radicals cause. Researchers have discovered that SODases also stimulate hair growth and decrease hair loss.Thus "Sodomite" can be defined as a user of SODs. Sounds good to me (even though I am not, at 18, follically challenged). :icon8: Colin :icon13:
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Australia, where it's summer in the middle of winter.Vegemite or sodomite: both are options for the adventurous. Nobody said you had to.Be careful if you say you're going out with a Joey. People may look at you funny.The land down under. Down under what, or whom? What's not to like?Canada, where it's nearly always winter, even in summer.They're not quite British, French, or American, and they like it that way, thank you. Possibly, they have a good point there.Though they're a bit confused about Canadian bacon, it's quite good.Contemplate it all while wearing a nice warm toque.Besides, a country that hires Mounties can't be half bad.England, where it's too foggy to tell if it's summer or winter.Note the spelling: "f-O-g-g-y." Not "faggy," though how smoking got into the discussion, I'm not sure. They're a bit odd about spelling, but we won't hold it against them. Unless of course, they want us to....Think of it this way: They include U in everything, and they're proud to flip their S and Z any day. Share and share alike, eh?@ Maddy: The problem with eating some people's brains is they've already gone a bit off the freshness date. Haha. Can you imagine a zombie who ate a brain gone bad? ...OK, I can't believe I just typed that. Hahahaha!

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Thanks guys,and a special thanks to Blue for his insight into the national characteristics of Sodom and Gom... I mean Australia, the UK, US and Canadian bacon.I was a little afraid he was going to tell us about all the old fogies in odd stately castles in Olde England, :blush: but he restrained himself quite nicely, actually. We should open a restaurant. We could serve Vegemite and cucumber sandwiches with a side serve of Canadian Bacon, followed by American Apple Pie of course. All washed down with Earl Grey tea. Loverly. :wink: I don't think we can serve brains if they have gone out of date. Well I have to get back to cleaning up all the pillars of salt at the airport. I so wish the tourists wouldn't look back at Sydney's Sodomites as they get on the plane to go home. :happy::blush:

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