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:hehe: Today I hate the world.

Fecking women who drive small Nissans and who think they have the right to drive down the outside of a stationary line of traffic, and then cut in. I might have been vaguely amused if she'd been pretty, or if she'd have been a he, and cute. But nooooo.

There was a thread in the news forum (which got well out of hand) that strayed into the rights and wrongs of gun control. All I have to say on the matter is that, with fecking Nissan tart, I suffered a serious amount of angst which verged on road rage. Had I had a gun - concealed or not - I might well have used it. Lucky it is I live in the UK. As it was I so so nearly rammed her. I'm normally mild mannered, but today I came very close to losing it.*

My neighbour's on the list, too. Shan't go there, I've just got my blood pressure back to earth. Git.

It's lovely weather, so I can't blame my mood on Seasonal Affective Disorder. I'm tempted to pack a bag and vanish. If I could morph the cat into a dog I might well, but cats don't like tramping the country: especially if they don't have a hot monitor to lie on top of.

Hey ho, and life goes on.


* Falling Down


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I understand. If I owned a gun, 30 minutes on the road on any weekday and I'd have shot at least a dozen people.People who drive with a mobile phone in one hand* should be executed on sight. They're the worst but none of them THINK they are bad. * Bluetooth or other handsfree is okay

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You guys just don't think it through. What you do, when there is a long line of cars, is drive partway onto the shoulder, so that nobody can get by you that way. A side benefit is that you can see down the road to know what's going on. Don't move over too far though, or someone will suddenly try to move into your spot in the regular lane of traffic. A slow zigzag effect is best. And I'm not just making this up now, I DO THIS. :smile::wink::lol:

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