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Cats are a PAIN!



It's raining, and the cats are in a fractious mood. Cody sneaks up on her brother ... wakes him up ... he gets grumpy, and starts chasing her ... she comes thundering upstairs, and hides on my lap.

Then they go out, and back in again: wet. I have to stop what I'm doing and dry them off ... then they go out again ... and back in ... and ....

Ad-infinitum. :shock:

I'm part exchanging them for a hamster.


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Lock them in a room and ignore them for the day. That is my unsympathetic advice. Cats are creepy for so many reasons in my opinion. Just plain strange animals. First of all, when you pick them up, they are just so...transparent or maybe pliable or something. You can feel all of their insides. It totally creeps me out.Second, they really couldn't care less about you. They have no emotions. Or at least no appreciation for you. Third, you can't teach them anything. Climbing on things that shouldn't be climbed on. It just drives me crazy. They are such odd animals. Hamsters, though, aren't any better than cats. Just a different form of a mouse or rat in my opinion. Totally disgusting. Get a dog. They love you and appreciate you no matter what. And you can teach them things. As my mom says, "If I were half the person my dog thinks I am..." Unconditional love. Or if you are looking for something smaller, turtles are good.And if you really do like your cats, at least you are getting some entertainment out of them today.

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So cats are squishy, sociopathic, and uneducable. A bit like babies.Hamsters, mice, rats etc are actually very intelligent, clean and sociable creatures. This means(1) you need to get more than one, or they'll go insane from lonliness, and(2) you can happily keep them in your top pocket at work, where they poke their head out, all whisker-twitchy and bright-eyed, which will provoke either horrified screaming or shameless coo-cooing from your coworkers,I think having a hamster sitting in your shirt is a great way to attract middle-aged women and gay men - the only two groups worth being friends with.And as for dogs, if it's a choice between an evening with a mutt in front of the TV and a night with a 17 year old who's questioning his sexuality...can I have both?

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if it's a choice between an evening with a mutt in front of the TV and a night with a 17 year old who's questioning his sexuality...can I have both?
Hahahahahaha!*coughs*There's one for your Christmas list :smile: I love the cats, and wouldn't be without them. The thing is, like any relationship, it takes time. They are intelligent, and singular. You certainly won't win an argument with Cody. If she doesn't want to do something, she won't. And, because she is half siamese, she has her fathers moggy wiles, and her mother's wor'se'name.Having read the above, I should add: please excuse the claptrap. Cats are kewl!Camy
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I think that people who cannot like cats, particularly if they like dogs, have serious emotional ego problems. Their self-worth needs need to be satisfied by blind devotion and unquestioning loyalty, and that's a bad sign. Cat lovers, on the other hand, have strong cores, see themselves clearly as being unimportant in the overall scheme of things, as indicated by their cat's utter disdain. :smile::razz::wave::lol:

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Since the age of five I have had a cat to sleep with, oh and the b/f s.The cats stay with me all night.In the morning they pat me on the nose to let me know sleeping is over.Then they jump down and go outside to pee. (The cat not the B/f.)When I started shift work when I was 16, my cat would meow to be let out 5 minutes before I arrived home. It would sit on the gas box by the front gate waiting for me.If I was delayed or not coming home it did not do this. I have no explanation for this behaviour. When my grandmother died. I sat down in my chair and had a little weep. The cat came running across the room jumped into my lap and pulled my arm wrapping its paws around my arm.When the b/f and I cuddled in bed the cats would either leave the room, watch or lick whoever was on the bottom on their face.Yes they are aloof. But I like that they are independent and no two cats are the same.

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I've heard stories about cats like these, but they are always told by suspect people: cat lovers. I've had cats. I've had numerous cats. They've never wakened me by touching my nose. They've never sat down and had a good cry with me. They have done the aloof bit, the standoffish bit, the jumping up on things that won't support their weight bit, with the ensuing catastrophe, be it what it will.Dogs are loyal and faithful and loving, but that doesn't mean I need that, that I have a personality flaw that requires that kind of obeisance. I've found they're much easier to have as companions than cats. Cats go do their own things. Dogs come and join you, hoping they can help you do yours.Cats have their place. Dogs have theirs. I prefer dogs.C

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I have noticed that cats will come over to console you if you are 'down'. The same thing if you are sick. They may be aloof, but they are not without love to give. They have dignity, too, which implies self-awareness. If a dog trips and falls, he will get up and think nothing of it. A cat will slink away to pout and slowly recover, but ONLY if you've actually seen it make that goof.Sometimes I've had to put the cat outside. At first I would carry her out, and she'd spit and hiss, not wanting to go. I learned though, that I can pick her up, take her to the hallway, then put her down and let her walk out under her own power. She accepts this compromise, as she can pretend it was her choice to leave. No hissing, no hiding, just a nice happy compromise.

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If a dog trips and falls, he will get up and think nothing of it. A cat will slink away to pout and slowly recover, but ONLY if you've actually seen it make that goof.
:razz: True. They get most terribly embarrassed if they're seen doing something silly.
I should mention that the Persian long haired cats seem to be the ones with the most 'love to share', at least, in my experience.
Yeah, but that's because they need the most brushing! :smile:
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