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I'm sitting at Mick's computer, and he's on the phone talking to a guitarist.

Our band is going to take a back seat for a while, 'cause we're re-forming a band that was quite well known a while ago. It's a three piece, and I'm going back to my first discipline: Drumming.

Looking forward to it? Fuck yeah!

Camy :shock:


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I just noticed that you changed the name of your blog, and I just want to ask what is it you're saying to be your thing? :innocent eyes:Rad :)

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In the US, a guy's 'thing' is also sometimes called his 'junk'. Of course we all know a 'junk' is really a small ship. They can be used to move people back and forth across a small body of water, as in a 'ferry'. So, I guess Camy is hinting, in an oblique fashion, that he's a faerie. :hug: I'm with you, Camy...I wish. :wav:

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Hmm. I suppose (thanks Trab) I could call it 'Camy's a faerie tales', but that's not entirely right. If I was tiny, had gossamer wings, was cutely fluttery, and appeared at the bottom of the garden .... If I drank from an acorn cup and sheltered under mushrooms when it rained .... If I could go 'poof' and vanish, then I'd be a faerie. But I'm not. :wub: So I changed it to 'Camy's Thang!!!' Make of that what you will.Oh! I feel a poem (or pom) coming on.Anyway, as far as 'he' is concerned, he wrote this on my behalf. Isn't he smart!'Him' by Camy's 'friend'. :hug: I don't wear chapsso neither is he,My doors have handleshe's not a nob, you seeHe's not my 'Junk', my 'Thing'or my 'Mate'.And he certainly isn't'Master Bates'.He's asleep at presentwith a smile on his 'face'He won't comment onknickers frilled with laceHe's rampant at timesbut won't take the nameHe loves who he loveswithout shame or blameHe hates French Lettersand the postman tooBut he knows they're requiredthough they turn him blueHe's calm at timesthough he gets quite wildAnd when he's in the moodhis language isn't mildA misanthrope misogynistwith haughty aspirationwho comes to life regardlessif his chain is yanked - elation!---written on 14th March, 2008 ... or for those others: March 14th, 2008. Hmm ... and just to cover all the bases: 2008, March, 14th. :hug::lol: *sighs* :wav:

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But I like your voice!Rad :)
Thanks Rad! I'm not going to stop. Our band will carry on regardless. But if this other band works, then it'll be really useful as a springboard ... if that makes any kind of sense. Besides, I love playing kit. :)Camy
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I'm too lazy to look it up: what's a paradiddle? :smile:
Think dancing the two-step on a drum head, then double it, switch feet alternately, then substitute drumsticks for feet, and you come close.Aren't you glad you asked?C
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As I recall, it involves hitting a snare drum twice in rapid succession with the left stick, then twice with the right, and repeating. How rapid? Fast enough that you don't much hear the individual hits - more a continuous tone. Generally, rather than try to hit the drumskin twice that rapidly, you let the sticks bounce while pressing them lightly on the drum. You might manage to get three strikes, of lessening impact, this way.It isn't used in pop music, or more than occasionally in Jazz, but you'll know the sound because it's the basic military drum roll.I once studied drumming for 24 hours. And I have absolutely no idea why it's called a paradiddle.

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