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Funky Words



hood, airhead, applesauce, baby, bad egg, baloney, besotted, big bucks, big money, bilgewater, bitch, bite, blind drunk, blotto, boffin, boloney, bolshy, bosh, built, bumph, bun-fight, bundle, bunfight, bunk off, burnup, buy it, caff, can-do, cert, chuck, clean, cockeyed, codswallop, corker, crocked, deck, ditch, dreck, drool, drop-dead, feel, folderol, freaky, fuddled, gat, give, good egg, grotty, guvnor, heebie-jeebies, heist, hooey, hoof, humbug, jitters, juice, key, legs, loaded, mean, megabucks, niff, nosh-up, old man, out-and-outer, pie-eyed, pile, pint-size, pint-sized, pip out, pissed, pixilated, plastered, play hooky, plum, plumb, pong, poppycock, potty, rip-off, rod, rubbish, runty, sawed-off, sawn-off, screaming meemies, shakedown, shlock, shlockmeister, sister, slam-bang, slopped, sloshed, smashed, soaked, some, soused, sozzled, square, square-bashing, squeeze, squiffy, stacked, stiff, straight, stroppy, stuff, stuff and nonsense, taradiddle, , tiddley, tiddly, tight, tipsy, tommyrot, tosh, trash, tripe, trumpery, twaddle, uncool, well-stacked, wet, wish-wash, Pixy, Coal, Cole, Sour-Apple-Squirts.


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Great list. But why do you list "bun-fight" and "bunfight" Is there a difference? (Apart from one having a hyphen and the other not.) :hug:
Hyphens are so important, don't you think? :flasher[1]:
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Why is no one asking why the list started with an h word?C
Is it a silent aitch?The hood comes first?It's some form of ancient Druid Halphabet?Englishmen like to keep their hoods up front?It's Camy's favourite?He misspelled Advocaat? :flasher[1]:
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Why pixilated and not pixy? That sounds like sheer caprice to me, or else rampant discrimination against fairies.I love the word pixy.C
Pixy is now in, and Sour-Apple-Squirts, too. :flasher[1]:
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My funky word:Abandon, meaning either1) to leave something alone without protection, or2) wild in unconstrained frenzyComes from the French "Abandonner".According to the OED: "Surrender to natural impulses; freedom from constraint or convention"It's one letter away from "Abadon" - Satan.It has no anagrams, though first three letter rearrange to "Baa", and the first two become "ab" - which is either "abdominal muscle" or a latin prefix indicating negation.An "Aba" is "A sleeveless outer garment of various forms, worn by Arabs.", and homonym of a Swedish pop group.In the 16th century literature there was the related word "Aband", with the same meanings.Rhymes with: Pandan (a Malaysaian shrub), Mandan (a Sioux language), Ugandan, Boundan (the limits of a cricket field), and Undern (literally "3'o'clock in the morning" but figuratively "the evening").Collocation: Abandon ship, Abandon hope all ye who enter, Gay abandon

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