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Wibby, Trab --You're like me, ancient and unaware people. The meaning and significance of 4/20 was just explained to me today by someone. I think the fact we didn't know it was shorhand for a day of smoking weed for college students so inclined to do so says a lot about us.What it mostly says is that we're old fogies.Now I don't quite know why not one of the yongsters here saw fit to let us in on the secret, and allowed our ignorance to be so blantantly displayed to one and all. The shame of it. If any of you want to know, say, who won WW II, we'd be happy to fill you in.C

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*giggles*I posted the same message last year and no one got the reference either, so don't feel bad Cole. The only reason I know about that date is because of Mark....an avid celebrator of all things green.And I'm not putting words in Maddy's mouth, but he knew all about that day as well. :wav: Jason

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I hate to say it, but sometimes the conversations around here go over my head. Or perhaps I just don't want to take the time (and effort) to understand. I thought that this was one of those times and it didn't really occur to me that you didn't actually understand the significance of the day. I thought that maybe I was missing some kind of joke or an intentional misunderstanding.Anyway, I must be getting old. I turned down an invitation to celebrate.

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