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84. Election Thoughts.



My personal thoughts on the US election

It doesn't really matter what I think of the election result. Of course I am pleased Obama has been elected, but my reason for being pleased is both because I think the Democrats needed to be elected to adjust the balance away from the extremes of the right, and for a more selfish reason.

Here in Australia our own "Left" wing party was elected to power not so long ago. The Labor party is our equivalent, in political terms, of the US Democrats. It is my fervent hope that the promises of the new US Presidency, will have some deep and meaningful effect on our government for the better, because they as a left wing party have strayed too far from their own principles of compassion.

It is true that America does have a global influence, and the world is looking to see, hoping beyond all measure, that Obama lives up to his promises. If as may be expected, he operates under a policy of inclusion rather the ones of exclusion or collusion, then we may find that the fears some have about his presidency, will prove to be unfounded.

Provided you can set aside the fear and prejudices of bygone manipulative eras, President Obama's election whichever way you look at it, gives the world, the hope of peace, a chance for change for the better.

The point is not that he is black, the point is, that he is a human being who has won election on the basis of that change for the better.

I think, we all need to work together in bringing about change for the better.


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I hear you Des and I agree.I hope Obama has what it takes to lead this country. And though the world is looking on, I feel that America has for the first time in my lifetime stop looking on and actually joined in on the dance. If we can continue to build on Obama's speech he made tonight and actually join together, we can do great things.Jason

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I too look at what Des said as quite insightful. But Obama has one flaw...he doesn't have the experience that may be needed to get things done. I laud and actually envy his ideals, but Jimmy Carter too was a good man and his naivety about how things worked with our government caused his presidency to be ineffectual. President Clinton tried to get our military to accept gays into our military service but was only able to get 'Don't ask, Don't tell.' I truly hope that that will change.Barack is also quite intelligent and has shown that he can pull the right people into his fold to advise him.I'm very hopeful for my future as an American, but more than that, I'm also hopeful for the rest of the world. It's not egotistical when I say the what we do has a great impact around the world. George Bush has destroyed what we as a people can stand for and has corrupted what we are seen as around the world.I really do see great change coming out of our government for once in the past 8 years.Des, peace in the world will not be caused by President Obama, Peace can only be approached, maybe closely, by each one of us throughout the world demanding it. But the influence that a major figure in world politics pushing his ideals in that direction will cause quantum leaps. We may never get there, but I'll never give up hope and knowing that whatever we do, small attempts will be heard.I really think that the world is heading toward inclusion. We have always done that throughout history with some bumps in the road. And yes, our big one took place early on in the 20th century, and we've paid for that.I truly believe that President Obama is at the top of a cliff, looking out over a vast canyon with the bottom covered with jagged boulders. One small slip and he'll end up in oblivion. But, I also believe that he has it within himself to make that jump, to be one with his destiny and to then be in control of his fate and soar with the eagles.

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On Obama's lack of experience, Richard, I think you cover that when you say he"...is also quite intelligent and has shown that he can pull the right people into his fold to advise him."To your statement that "...peace can only approached, maybe closely, by each one of us throughout the world demanding it.", I would add that each of us must also be practising peace-makers. I don't mean we should get anxious that we aren't always able to do that, just that we do what we can when we can. We are not saints, but neither are we the sinners, some people would have us believe we are.Obama in his role of President is not the Messiah, but neither is he the preacher of doom and gloom.Change will not come easily in many quarters. There is much to correct.However, in Obama's speeches to encourage equality of opportunity, togetherness and caring, there is much hope.I must tell you that in my wandering into the Adelaide community today, I have been astounded, nay -ecstatic at the euphoria of hope and goodwill towards the American people and the hope we feel the election result has given the rest of the world.We are truly living in a momentous moment in history. Let no one miss its significance.And Jason, may I have the next dance please? :shock:

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George Bush was never criticized for his lack of experience. Look what that got us! Barack Obama is genuinely intelligent; that gives him a a huge advantage over George Bush.Colin :shock:

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Experience only means so much. Everyone conceded that McCain had far more experience than Obama. Yet he ran a campaign that had misstep after misstep, that came close to bankruptcy, that looked from the outside as a disaster. It brought us an unqualified vice-presidential candidate. It brought us a health care package that aided corporations and the health care industry and hurt the very people who needed health care reform. It brought us continued support of a war in Iraq that is costing us $11 billion dollars a month when our country is going into recession.Experience can mean hindsight to avoid past blunders. It can also mean a person is so bogged down in the past, he has no vision for the future.C

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