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Recently I've been somewhat miffed.

The reason being: we lost a hard drive with a months work on it. It was a brand new hard drive and was immediately replaced, but that doesn't replace the music.

Still, on the bright side we've decided it was 'the mysterious finger of God' that fucked us up, and the work we do now will, obviously, be much, much better. We've decided this because otherwise I'd have to kill myself for being a total arse, and frankly, I feint at the sight of blood - especially my own.

So, folks, backup! Do it, don't think about it, just do it. You know it makes sense.

Camy the miffed.


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Abso-de-fragging-lutely.And what's more, keep a record of what's backed up to where. Twenty discs labeled "Misc" aren't a backup - they're a lucky dip.If you're anything like me though, you'll wind up with a hundred discs marked "Various", "Misc" and "Backup", and eventually have to spend a month doing nothing but sorting them out.Actually, if you can get one of those portable USB hard drives, you can back up each day's data before you go to bed. More convenient than burning everything to DVDR. I copy all my most useful programs to <a href="http://mozy.com/">Mozy</a> too.

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When I was younger I used to backup a lot -in the orgy room at the local sauna. I never found labelling the backups very helpful at all and yes most of the time I think it was a lucky dip. I eventually ran out of memory for these events, but the hard drive is still active and working, so I might just be able to retrieve at least...err have I totally misunderstood what we are talking about, again? :hehe:

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