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If you have an addictive personality it's unwise - nay foolish - to start doing anything that is ... erm ... addictive. Obviously. Drugs: been there, done that. Alcohol - though I consider it a drug as much as anything else - the same. Okay, sure, I have the occasional brandy in a cup of coffee, and I've picked the wrong day to give up sniffing glue, but that's my lot. Honestly.

Until, that is, a week ago, and I found WoW.

World of Warcraft is ... well, it's bloody brilliant! :icon11:



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Lord, save yourself before it's too late. It's been compared by many a person as more addictive than drugs. Me, I just don't give a shit and have no interest in it.

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So that's what's been keeping you quiet recently...If you're joining the worldwide Wow community you'll meet up with my grandson, he'll show you no mercy...Don't forget us - we'll be here to bind up your wounds!

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You're a writer, Camy, not a game player. I know you don't really believe it, but you are. You have such a great way with words, bending them to you will. You make readers feel whatever emotions you want them to feel. Maybe that's a form of witchcraft, but if it is, it's a more useful form that playing in a netherworld where reality bends and warps. You create worlds we can all enjoy. Come back to us, man. We like you with us. You spice up our world.C

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