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Announcing: New category in my blog: Deeper thoughts of an Orangutan.

I am thinking I might like to write some thoughts, essays or viewpoints on various subjects that are perhaps a little abstract, maybe nonsensical or even politically incorrect. I might even write an address to the people of Earth, once I am certain the mother-ship is on the way to pick me and take me home.

Anyway I have created a category in my blog for subjects that are somewhat more outsopken. If I can ever get time, I may even video them and put them on youtube. :huh::icon11::sad::lol::omg:

I also want to see how the Categories system works in the blogs. So we may never get more than this post if I cannot find it again.

In the mean time think on this:

If I have a thought today, that affects what I will think tomorrow, why didn't yesterday's thought, about today, have any affect at all?



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