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If you've heard the expression 'dipping your pen in the company ink' then you're a better chap (or chapess) than me. Though now I know what it means. Thanks, Jason!

I'm hallucinating and proud - which is, according to the doctor and over the phone, because I have flu (I opened the window and influenza). He said that the best thing for flu is to take two paracetamol every four hours and go to bed. 'Anti Virals?' murmur I, 'Not very efficacious' he says, 'though if you want ...?' I do want. I really do want, but then he's the doctor and who am I to query his judgement.

Anyway, as I'm ill I thought you should all know in case wake planning is a hobby amongst any of our membership. :hug:




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Flu is viral, and antibiotics kill bacteria, and therefore are totally innocuous against viruses. But have at it if it makes you feel better. I agree with the doctor.Look on the bright side. Now you have time to read all those stories you've been wanting to read and haven't had the time to get into.Anyway, get well. I hate being sick. I feel for you.C

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Camy's on his death-bed, coughing up his guts.Burning up and tripping out, Squirrel took his nuts.See the poor malingerer, soothe his fevered brow,?Look,? he says, ?a shiny thing!? - and he's all better now!We love you, mate - get well soon! :razz::sick::hiya::hug: :hug: :hug:

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You should write down your hallucinations! And publish!In fact, if I had the money for hallucinogenics, I'd switch on the dictaphone before taking them and spend the next four hours describing whatever jumped (or slithered, or flew) past my eyes.As for wake planning...I've been to a few wakes and they seemed to consist of people who don't really know each other eating and drinking rather too much. Just like a wedding really. Maybe write a special short story with strict instructions that it only be read at the wake.Anyway, get well soon and drink all the Night Nurse you want.

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