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Back online



Having moved to a place without a phone line it took an age and a half to get that sorted, and a deal longer to get ADSL up and running. Now, I'm back online and it feels ... mmmmmmmm yummy scrumptious!

We're a five minute walk from the beach. Sadly it isn't sand, but it does have water which is quite an important pre-requisite for a beach. The cats like it, too. A boon, 'cause having sad cats ain't where it's at, at all. AND the garden is small which make mowing the lawn a doddle. I like doddles.




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Ah, I was wondering. I thought it must be one of those periods when all the creative juices dry up - 'cos I've been having one too.Good to have you back, and here's hoping there's a backlog of stories to be posted. Possibly with a "moving house" theme.

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And here, all this time, I was thinking the absence was because you were deep into that 100,000 word novel you're bound and determined to write!C

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