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I'm finally starting to write again, which is, quite frankly, an utter Gawdsend, as I'd pondered the thought that perhaps that was it and I'd shot my authorial bolt ... as it were.

Now I know I haven't - or perhaps that should be 'think' rather than 'know' - I'm marginally happier. Not that I haven't been happy ... just a tad depressed.

I went to the doctor last week and told her - I had a choice of a her or a him, and I think if you're going to spill your emotions to a doctor it's probably best to do it with a her. After all, hers are supposed to be nurturing and caring, whereas a him would just tell me to buck my ideas up and be a man.

Anyway, I told said her that I was depressed, and swifter than the fastest swallow (unladen with coconut) I had a prescriptiion for Fluoxetine - which is another name for Prozac. Yum, I thought, cantering out of the surgery. Okay, actually I had no idea what Fluoxetine was until I read the leaflet and enquired of our Oh Lord Wikipedia what doest thou say?

And then ...


... I read the side effects.

I'm still a tad depressed, but I'm not going to be joining that band wagon, thank you very much. I wouldn't mind a therapist to talk to, but as the bottom line is 'know yourself,' what on earth would I say? It'd end up being a very expensive hour of silence.

Yours, most felicitously,



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Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, sufficient to prompt a doctor to start ladling pills into you. (No extensive consultation, discussion of alternatives, non-drug therapies etc?)I too have been in writing limbo - haven't written anything since the end of last year and it's been getting to me. Like you, I wondered if I would have to accept that I've already written everything I have it in me to write. But I've started writing again now - I'm determinedly working on a short story for an anthology at Authorshaunt, but it is coming out leaden and implausible. I hope your story comes together, I hope it helps you to feel better, and (of course) I hope I can whip my story into shape in the next day or so (the deadline has already passed!).Hugs my friendBruin

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Believe it or not, I'm in the same fuzzy state. I say believe it or not because I keep posting, but probably won't for a while as I have no interest in writing at the moment. Very strange feeling as I've been writing almost constantly for about five years now.And it isn't that I have no ideas. I actually have ideas and about four stories going. I just have no motivation to write them. And so they sit. As do I.Bummer.But this is supposed to be about you, Camy, not me. It's just that I'm so much more interesting to write about.Well, probably not. But I know me better than I know you, so have more to say about the former than the latter.Anyway, to get to it. Why I started this. It wasn't narcissism that was my spur, but actually a desire to weigh in with a helping hand.There are several different types of antidepressants. For some unknown reason, they seem to almost always start off prescribing Prozac. Almost everyone I talk to who says he's depressed tells me he was prescribed Prozac. I seem to talk to a lot of depressed people, too. I hope there isn't some sort of parallel there I hadn't thought of. I'm depressed, think I'll talk to old Cole. Or it's pernicious variation: I just talked to Cole; now I'm depressed.But to get back to the helping hand bit. There are other antidepressants that don't have the deleterious side effects Prozac does. One of the ones Prozac provides that most men don't especially like is a reduced libido. I mean, if you're aren't already depressed, isn't that little number going to do it to you? I guess! Wow mama!But there are other classes of drugs that don't do that. You might talk to her again. She probably knows. Or you can write me. I don't like to prescribe drugs in public forums. They send men from the FDA after you, and I don't run that fast any longer.Uh, and sorry. That was the only type of helping hand I was offering. In case you were looking for the other.C

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Bruin, me ol' mucker, thanks. I think we were both going for the same anthology, 'cept I've withdrawn as what I wrote was frankly twaddle. Not that I mind. You can't be brilliant all the time - only during a month with an x in it. Hmm.Cole, I'm sorry you're in the same boat. And you're quite right, you are more interesting to write about. Certainly at the moment. Or not, dunno. The thing is it's me I'm worried about (which is fair enough) and I still have a box full of meds glaring at me as I type. Yeah, so maybe I should move them, rather than stopping the only thing that seems to keep me sane. Well, maybe not the only thing, but the other is somewhat more personal.So, to Prozac or not? I still can't make up my mind. I really, really don't want to be having to pop pills religiously until I keel over and snuff it. Then again, I don't want to feel all fuzzy-woo either.It is, as you say, a bummer. Nice weather, though!Camy

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