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It's odd how we become attached to our cars.

For the last two years I've been driving a Citroen Berlingo. I was given it, so I can't complain that it was big and slow and had a bit of a slippy clutch. Over time I came to love her (tear rolls down cheek). No, I couldn't take a Porche from a standing start - but I could fit all the bands gigging equipement in the back. Then, she failed her MOT (mandatory yearly government safety check). Not badly, but add to that a new clutch and it was going to be expensive (another tear or two). So she had to go (wail).

I live in the middle of nowhere: transport is important, busses irrregular, and decision making re cars not my best skill. So I drove her (a tad illegally) until it was pointed out I was a bloody idiot. Truth slaps one in the face, hard (stinging cheek).

Then, amazingly, I was given another car. This one a BMW 2.5 litre thing. 'W00T' thought I (wipes tears away). Berlingo collected for scrap and shiny beast sitting squat in drive. What could be nicer? Well, with petrol prices skyrocketing, quite a lot. Then, yesterday, I found out free cars are often quite nerve-racking and potentially expensive propositions.

Driving into the local town and home - a round trip of 15 miles - the radiator needed re-filling four times.

"Oh, yes, it does overheat," I'm told. "And by the way, sometimes the automatic doesn't engage for a moment or two."

'Mmm,' I think. 'Lovely.'

So I have a new free car and almost wish I didn't. Is that churlish of me? I don't know. Probably. But there's no way I'd moan. After all, she was free and has leather seats to boot.

I just kinda wish I'd had the dosh to buy a small, cheap to run, thing, rather than having a gas guzzling behemoth.


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How does one score a free car? I'm apparently asking the expert here, and I'd sure like to try whatever it takes. Well, almost whatever. Tell me you didn't do that.BTW overheating may not be expen$ive to solve. Try at least flushing out the cooling system and putting in new coolant. You may need a new thermostat, not too costly. Find a hunky garageman to flutter those big emu eyelashes toward.James

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If 'that' is what I'm thinking it is then no, I didn't. ;) I wasn't expecting a freebie so I really can't moan. It has done a lot of miles and they're expensive to run anyway - so those are the apples.And you're right, the thermostat has gone, so that's part of the problem sussed. :) Now, how to find a cute garagechap?

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You obviously haven't checked cutegaragechap.com.Most things that are free aren't.Do they have the Prius in Enland? They are great to drive, get over 40 mpg, and seem to last forever.Of course, it is hard to score a free one.C

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Hmm, sometimes better the devil you know...Still, if you gradually sort out the problems with the car, it will become the devil you know!Apparently the cutegaragechap.com website is down at the moment (heavy traffic?!) so you'll have to make do with us!

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How about a cutegaragechap party? You all come over and help me sort out my overheating beast and I'll provide drinks and a bath afterwards. :wave:

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