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A book for all seasons.



Two months ago, I had the opportunity to partake in a killer writing project hosted by Awesome Dude and put together by the wonderful and talented emu known as Camy. And since I’m not sure if the details of that project are public yet, I’ll not say what it is but it’s going to be freaking sweet. Anyway…

Along with a bunch of other worthies I've had an awful lot of fun over the last couple of months. The result is a book - initially an eBook - available in .ePub and .mobi (for kindle) from www.midnightdude.com

Why? There are a shed load of reasons, but primarily it's to raise money to keep AwesomeDude.com healthy. Times are hard for all of us, and though there's a 'donate' button on the front page, we thought that as an alternative to a donation selling a book would be good. And it's nice to give a little something back to those that help. The book's not expensive, either, and you're getting 17 short stories and a novella for your wonga.

AND, as most of them have been especially written for the book you won't be able to read them anywhere else for quite a while.

AND the novella - 'The Summer I Was Thirteen' is by the our much beloved Cole Parker.

"So what," I hear you ask, "is the price of this fantabulous, must-have-or-I'll-explode eBook? It's got to be $15!"

Well no, it's not. It wasn't created to make anyone rich. It's just a way to support the site and give a little something to those who do.

"$10? For all those stories it has to be $10."

No. And it's not $9.99 either. I hate the .99. Why do they do that? I know it's to fool you into thinking whatever it is is cheaper, and yes, I get suckered in by it, too. Grrrr.

"Well ... $5?"

Nope, it's much cheaper than that. It's $4.99 and worth every last cent.

"WOW!!!! And where can I get hold of a copy?"

At www.midnightdude.com. But first, here's the cover.


I'm really proud of the cover. Bruin Fisher took a series of photographs - all of which were first rate - and we finally chose this one.

So, to get your copy of Midnight Dude: Selected Readings click HERE.

You'll get:

1) a zip file with the book in both .epub and .mobi formats.

2) Many, many hours of happy reading.

3) You'll have helped AwesomeDude.com continue to be the excellent site it is.

4) A scrawny emu's thanks.

What more could you possibly want for $4.99? :)


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What more could you possibly want for $4.99? :)A kiss?
That sounds really good :smile: ... but how do you deliver a virtual kiss?
And to think, I used to give it away...
Camy, you old promo artist you.C
I try, I try. Sadly success ain't a given no matter how good the 'product' ... which accounts for the boxes of dusty CDs loitering (and oft heard plotting) under my bed.
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