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New Mexico Center Vandalized

Richard Norway


blog-0250021001331953526.jpgLast night our GLBTQ Community Center was vandalized. Someone used a gear shaft from an automobile transmission to smash our front window. We have been open for two years, and this was the first example of homophobia that we have experienced. Actually, I had expected it sooner, and I think it's a good sign that it hasn't happened sooner.

Here's a picture of the damage. Notice the gear shaft lying on the sidewalk.

Of course, our local police took the report, but I'm not sure if anything will happen. They didn't even take the gear shaft in for evidence.

We'll be contacting the local newspaper and PBS radio station. We have friends at the PBS radio and television station that would love to do a story about this.

Okay, someone tell me how to get the picture posted. I tell it where to find the pic, but...no pic in the preview.



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Just clicking on the picture works for me, Richard. So sorry you were vandalized; I hope no one has been hurt by glass shards. Did you lose anything besides the window? I'd urge you to consider replacing it with a glass or plastic product designed to withstand impact.

Best wishes, James

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The question is, is it wise to ask the chief of police why the gear shaft wasn't taken for fingerprinting. Yeah, it might piss him off, but what help are you getting anyway? I think it's more possible that the chief would be a political animal and would kick some ass because that's the side the papers and muc of the public would be on. It looks bad to show malfeasance all the way to the top in the police department. I think he'd act in your behalf.


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Looks to me rather like your glass was already security glass - hit by something that big and heavy and it's splintered but held - there must be a plastic laminate or something in there. Whoever specified it did a good job, methinks. I'm so sorry your wonderful project has been attacked, but also relieved that you have suffered nothing more serious. Seems like a half-hearted attempt by a half-witted half-assed lame-brain.

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