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A Reader's Request

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For some reason, the pick made by Mike for this month's story page: My Name Is Eli, has brought me a good deal of mail. In the story I wrote about this minor character playing a piano piece in the church hall written by Ludovico Einaudi. Many of the readers picked up on this and gushed their thanks for bridging a contact to the music of this wonderful composer and pianist. Silly me, I though everyone knew of his music.

Einaudi has hours of music posted on YouTube and yet he is still one of Europe's highest selling musicians.  Nuvole Bianche was the first piece of his music I heard over a decade ago, and it is still one of my favorites. Enjoy.  

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I have no idea what piano he uses. We can see them in his performance videos, but what he uses in recording could be different. I am sure he specifies a type and brand when he tours and the venue provides the instrument. In this image, can you just imagine the Steinway people asking..."You want a piano delivered where???" 


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