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NPR Tweets D.O.I. and Trumpies Freak Out

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NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence yesterday and, apparently, some Trump supporters didn't recognize it and thought they were calling for revolution. Huffington Post captured some of the tweets before the idiots who posted them realized what they had done and removed them. To quote a famous tweeter--or twit: "SAD!"



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And now the Tweetersphere is blaming NPR saying what they did was done in a purposeful manner to confuse readers and make them claim it was anti-Trump.

Colin  :icon_geek:


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Hmm, shades of 1938 when Orson Welles freaked out a good deal of the American population with his War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Of course, it was announced that the program was fiction but many either didn't hear that or disbelieved the disclaimer. 

Bring on the Trumpanzies who barely listen to the truth and certainly have little idea of what is in the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps they are too busy reading the directions on that box of instant brownie mix. We the People, indeed. Us gets the message, but they never will.

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I for one am thankful that Twitter didn't exist back in 1776. I'd likely be happier if it didn't exist today, or that our nation's capital was declared a Twitter-Free Zone.

Unlike writing in long-hand and submitting the result to committee for review and rewrite, Twittering is, like when birds do it, a cacophony. No leadership, no guidance, no checks and balances. It is produced by each soloist Twit, be that Twit-in-the Gutter or Twitterer-in-Chief.

And when the gathering of birds departs, we know what is left behind on the place where people walk. Ditto in DC.

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