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The Crime of Child Sexual Abuse


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I find it troubling in this era of "equal treatment" of males and females that, quite frankly, there isn't. Especially involving children. Not surprisingly this is most obvious on Fox, but it's not limited there. Just for some headline examples [emphasis mine]:

"More charges possible for woman accused of tryst with underage boy students after lewd video surfaces" [tryst]

"Teacher’s aide at school for troubled accused of sex romp with 14-year-old boy she met on bus" [romp]

"Married teacher, 26, accused of raunchy basement fling with teen student" [fling]

"Married substitute teacher, 26, accused of 'bathrobe man cave sex' with her teen boy student" [say WHAT?]

and as the story details it...

"Afterward, the teacher led the teen upstairs to her room where he said she sexually assaulted him. That same week the
teenager went back to Moran’s residence where they had sex a second time."

How CBS19 Reports a story:

but How Drudge Report headlines it:
Elementary school counselor accused of sex romp with students...

So at least Fox and Drudge seem to feel if it's a boy with a female teacher, that's a Romp or a Tryst. But if it's anybody with a male teacher, that's like, ya know, a crime.

I'm still wondering what it takes to qualify as a "dalliance."

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Anything that deals with homosexual sex behavior is very much condemned. Sodomy laws have changed so at least now gay boys can have age appropriate relationships within their peer group. But intergenerational gay relationships will probably remain forbidden...and then we have this:


What a fool. He is already being condemned by the gay community. Being gay is not an excuse for bad behavior.



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