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The World is laughing at us...

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It gets to a point that anything the man says is mocked, which isn't really fair. Without looking it up, how any people here could say how many countries there are in the world? (And if you look it up in a book more than 72 hours old, it's likely wrong.) Sure, comedians are having a field day. Rightfully so.

But let's not get carried away with how literally and seriously we take each and every comment from the Twitterer-in-chief. Just maybe this was The Donald making a funny.

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The LA Times had a couple of very well-written and articulate articles today about the Trump phenomenon.  I find it amazing that a very high percentage of those who voted for him say he's doing a great job, that the media is lying about him, and that he's working hard to fulfill his campaign promises, all of which they laud and still laud.  The ones who didn't vote for him are scathing in their criticisms and their percentages of disapproval are even higher than the approval numbers of the opposite faction.

It's obvious his election has created a great divide in the country.   I feel a leader has a responsibility to try to bring his country together, not separate it.  The critical comments, make by random people who were polled and didn't support Trump made all the arguments that have been widely disseminated and on the whole paint a dark and onerous picture.  It worries me that with a divide this great, how are we ever going to overcome this fission?


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