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And we thought priests were bad news...

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I guess what we may never understand is why society yields control of its people to religion. I don't think Islam is any worse than other religions but news like this makes me doubt my concept. The religious leaders described in this article  are nothing but sociopaths who are using that religion to abuse children. Does religion attract this kind of deviant behavior? Perhaps, it seems to happen in all of them.

Sexual attacks on children in the name of religion, and by religious leaders, just proves how this wielding of power sows destruction. There is no god, just evil men who use the excuse of the divine to feed their appetite for the perverse.


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You could do well to broaden your scope to say that professions that work with children have a higher rate of child abusers than others. Sort of, 'no duh!' Yes, that includes religious 'leaders' but extends to others such as teachers and various youth group leaders. What I've found disturbing of late is the gender twisting that has become painfully apparent. Specifically, when an adult male has inappropriate relations with a girl, it is generally called sexual assault or rape. But when it's an adult female having inappropriate relations with a boy, well that's a "tryst" or a "romp" or a "fling". Apparently boys are not negatively affected by such...um...events. Right?

My 'favorite' news story in the last week read:

"Married substitute teacher, 26, accused of 'bathrobe man cave sex' with her teen boy student"

In the story it included:

"Afterward, the teacher led the teen upstairs to her room where he said
she sexually assaulted him. That same week the teenager went back to
Moran’s residence where they had sex a second time."


I'm familiar with the idea of romps and trysts, but don't really want to know about "bathrobe cave man sex". And he returned to be further assaulted?

So without trying to defend the guilty, there are lots of decent priests, teachers and coaches out there. Perhaps I might want to ask, where are the parents?

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