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The Summer I Was Thirteen by Cole Parker

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I was surprised to find no topic already in existence for this short story, which is now a Pick from the Past.

I remember reading it in the past, perhaps just browsing Cole's story page, but it was fun to read again.  Cole does angst better than just about anyone.  it was cool to see how all the various dilemmas worked out.


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Thanks, Rut.  As I often do, I took an experience from my past, tweaked it little, and made a story out of it.  That was where this came from.  The incident that happened with me was just a brief one, a time I was making a new friend and was jealous when an old friend wanted to butt in.  It was quickly resolved, as most kid things are, but that's about all it takes to turn something into a story.  This story was nothing like that, accept for that part of it, and even then it wasn't quite the same.



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