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Dude's Picks - Xenophobia

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I want to thank our wonderful Dude for highlighting my short story Xenophobia on the home page in the Dude's Picks - Short Stories section.

It is humbling, and a great honour, to be listed in company with those truly great writers Elecivil, Mihangel, Solsticeman, Graeme, Bi Janus and Chris James. Most months the Dude's Picks section prompts me to re-read the listed stories and I'm already half-way through this month's collection.

Xenophobia is a little piece, a plea for tolerance and inclusivity I guess, and it's not one that often comes back to my mind. I wrote it ten years ago (can it be that long ago?) which reminds me how much I wrote in those days and how little I write nowadays, which is frustrating. I must try harder...


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5 hours ago, Bruin Fisher said:

 I must try harder...


No try; do!


Oh, but who the hell am I to talk; I don't even do my own tax forms anymore. 

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9 minutes ago, Trab said:

No try; do!



Maybe a nice little update on Oskar, 10 years later. 

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