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My Carona

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My Carona

Ooh my head and sinuses are a pain.
When you gonna give me a break Carona?
Ooh you make my nose run, my nose run.
I’m coughing all the, all the time Carona
Go away, you’re no damned fun.
Screwing up sports and spring break Carona.
Such a dirty germ. Going around Carona
Infecting everybody My my my i yi woo.
M M M My Carona

Come a little closer, you’ll get it too.
Close close enough to get some Carona.
Where I got you is a mystery,
How did you get to me?
Always getting around,
M M M My Carona
M M M My Carona

When you gonna go away, go away.
It is just a matter of time Carona.
Is it just destiny, destiny?
Or is are you here to stay, Carona?
Please go away, you’ve really overstayed
Your welcome Carona.
Such a dirty germ. Making us squirm
You’re a pain Carona. My my my Wu-flu.
M M M My Carona
M M M My Carona
M M M My Carona
M M M My Carona

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