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AMERICAN CUPCAKE by T. Scott Faulkner

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American Cupcake

This short offering, dessert on a plate, is from the author of Fifteen, T. Scott Faulkner, and is entitled American Cupcake. A beautifully written work, artfully arranged, it will disturb you, arouse you, confuse you. What is perversity when it's at home, who does it look like in the mirror? This erotically charged tale will entice you, but you'll be sorry, you'll wish you'd never wanted a taste of...


by T. Scott Faulkner

From American Cupcake :

You're thinking to yourself that this is your lucky day. You've wanted a boy just like me for the longest time, someone you know won't go screaming to the authorities. Your smile tells me all I need to know for the moment: you know it's terribly wrong, but you need me. You've pegged me as sweet, innocent, curious, the perfect candidate for your delicate tutorial. It's like I've walked whole cloth out of some boylove website, my freckled face toasted by long afternoons in the sun, my corn silk hair studiously uncombed. My eyes are aquamarines under glass. You want to tell me I've walked out of a Norman Rockwell painting, but you sigh because you know I've never heard of the dude, and the allusion would be lost, and then you wouldn't be cool at all.

You're mistaken, of course. Utterly and completely...I wasn't lost. I certainly didn't need a ride ? my Audi is parked four rows over. But you were lost, Mr. Smith, and I knew just how to find you. I always know where to find you.


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