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I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus, by TR

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I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus

Underneath the mistletoe last night

They didn?t catch me looking

While the two of them were cooking

In the Christmas lights so bright.

Daddy couldn?t see me hiding

Where I watched him on Santa?s lap

The two of them were busy

Boy, was Santa looking dizzy

When Daddy called him a sexy chap.

I thought Daddy wasn?t thinking

Of all the places Santa had to go

When he cuddled up to Claus

All wrapped in Santy?s paws

Until their eyes were both aglow.

I know Daddy?s really lucky

That Uncle Jerry didn?t see

All that hugging and that kissing

And whispered reminiscing

That he did last night on Santa?s knee.

Oh, no one will believe me

If I tell the things I seen

So I guess I?ll just keep quiet

No sense starting up a riot

By telling folk about that Christmas scene.

But I am mad at Daddy

For keeping Santa here so late

What about the Chinese kids

Who?d closed their sleepy lids

Waiting for a sleigh stuck in my state?

I guess I?ll never tell

But I just can?t really see

What Santa saw in Dad

That made him seem so glad

To kiss and cuddle up against our tree.

If Daddy isn?t careful

Uncle Jerry will discover

Why he seems so giggly happy

And is smiling just so sappy

And how tinsel got their bedcovers.

I must say I don?t approve

Of Santa?s secret meeting

But I guess I?ll keep silent

Uncle Jerry might get violent

If he only knew my Dad was cheating.

I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus

Underneath the blinking Christmas lights

Oh, what a laugh it would have been

If Uncle Jerry had only seen

All the mushy things I saw last night!


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I could've sworn I replied yesterday. :shrugs:

Well, y'know, if Daddy likes guys with lots of facial hair, rather roly-poly, and with a real thing for red fur suits, fine by me, I suppose.

That Santa guy has cajones. Anyone who'll fly around in an open sleigh in the cold of winter all night, with tiny reindeer drivers, and any guy who hangs out with those wild elves...este hombre tiene unos cajones grandes.

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