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AT THE WINDOW, a TR Christmas poem

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At The Window,

a TR Christmas poem

Shiny paper, satin ribbons

Of red, green and blue;

Out his window, he is looking

At all of you.

Bells are ringing, you are singing

In sweet Christmas tones;

At his window, he is silent

And all alone.

Sounds of music, happy laughter

They fill Christmas Eve;

He stands and watches, while his heart

Can only grieve.

Golden angels, silver tinsel

Make your heart feel gay;

Happy Santas, smiling children

Take cares away.

Can you listen, to the silence

That stands beside you?

Do you wonder, at the darkness

That?s down the lane?

Carols rising, no disguising

A world filled with cheer;

But from his window, he cannot

Do more than hear.

Shiny paper, glistening ribbons

A white Christmas dove;

He is aching, he is lonely

For his true love.

Trees are glowing, now it?s snowing

Joy is in the air;

Last season, his love lay dying

And in his care.

Last year?s Christmas, was so lovely

He piled presents high;

Gave his lover, one last Christmas

Then said goodbye.

Wreaths of holly, crowds so jolly

Fill the streets outside;

First he watches, and remembers

Then finally cried.

Shiny paper, satin ribbons

Of gold, red and green;

He is watching, heart is broken

He is unseen.

Bells are ringing, you are singing

Can you turn and see?

At the window, I am looking

That man is me.


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Here's hoping we all can find someone to be with this season, for a meal, for some talking and some laughing, and for companionship.

"If you can't be with the one you love,

Love the one you're with."

No, I don't mean that in the erotic, sexy sense. I mean understanding, fellowship.

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