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Hetracil, the Wonder Cure for Effeminacy

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I was going to post this to News & Views but I've noticed the recent Irony shortage online and didn't want to unduly upset the unwary.



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I'll look at the link.

Irony shortage?

* I hate irony the clothes. Not too much starch, please.

* Here's an irony skillet, so you can practice your skillet irony.

* Screws, nuts, and bolts. For gay irony.

* Irony tablets. One a day, it'll get your blood moving.

Isn't it nice how that takes care of the pun shortage too?

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Gee, that link's more like "parody" or "satire" than irony. Hmm, but it's so subtle that it doesn't quite do it for me.

Although I do have this sudden desire to see a male nurse for a friendly exam. Or perhaps a friendly roommate with one of those tacky hospital gowns. On second thought, lose the gown. Those things really are tacky!


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