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Pink Slip, by Tragic Rabbit

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Pink Slip

Your note on my doorstep

Nothing ambiguous

About your tidy hand

Cool phrases, warm anger

White paper unsullied

By love of any kind

Reading it, my head bows

A tearful, chastised child

Arrow piercing my heart

Wounded, bleeding, bereft

Wondering if I am

Destined to live alone


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"He's such a fuzzy bunny." -- Alanis Morissette, about a band member.

Hey, bunny rabbit. Please don't be all down and confused. I'm the one who needs to get over bein' like that, as you've told me more than once, rightly.

Blue :hugs: TR ... and a few others around here who need it lately.

Yeah, maybe the poem's not about anyone personally. -- I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I suppose it shows. That's just me.

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