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Men In Blue

Men in starched Blue

Chock of righteous anger

Stop the boys with

Long hair, dark skin, strange eyes

They swagger, strut

Slapping pale skin on steel

Hey, Boy, you, boy

Hey, boy, hold it right there

Got your ticket

Know just what you are worth

Sit here, back here

Gimme a good reason

Gimme somethin?

Not like you ain?t done it

Before, boy, not

Like you?re one of our kind

Put your head down

Give it to me good and

You can go home

Gimme sweet and sugar

And you can walk

Don?t tell me you?re sixteen

You look older

We know you been around

We know your kind:

Kinda easy, kinda

Fast, kinda old

Boy, for just sweet sixteen

You?re just a boy

And we?re wearin? the Blue

So suck it up

And suck it sweetly down

?Cuz Blue?s on top

And you?re the low, sweet low

Sixteen don?t mean

You get a break from Blue


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