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Dear God by Graeme


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1. This is a great, poignant short story.

2. If Graeme decides to do more with this, I think it'd be good also.

3. If that Brad is anything like the Brad I knew, well, he'd be worth it. -- No, nothing happened. :thud: Brad. :swoon: Crush, Blue? Huh? Wha?

4. I know a Sally, but I bet she's better adjusted. Gonna find out soon enough.

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Hi, Blue,

At this point in time, I'm not intending to do anything more with this. Of course, if inspiration strikes, I reserve the right to change my mind...

The main problem is how to continue it without destroying it. The ideas I had were:

a) Using it as the introduction to a more traditional story told from Tommy's POV

b) Having a prayer by either Tommy or Brad

c) Using it as an introduction to the scene at the next Sunday School when Miss Sally is asked some difficult questions...

None of these really appeal to me at the moment.

For a moment I thought of having God reply, but that's been done before and I don't think I could do it justice :D


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If you do decide to do something more with it, I'd be tempted to leave the original as a prologue or separate piece. Like you say, it's tough to know what would keep the original intact and do it justice. Any of those options you listed might work, but you have to feel like it's good enough to pursue. Heh, yeah, I think that might turn into a really interesting Sunday School session. Miss Sally might find herself answering some very good questions! The nice thing is, that a self-contained piece like Dear God means you could take any angle you wanted, *if* a few angles struck you as good material. -- You may feel, though, that the short story says all you needed to say there. I understand your p.o.v. as the author, you have to feel anything more's strong enough to stand up *with* the original. I don't know what I'd do in that case, either.

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