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anabiosis, by TR

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anabiosis(an-uh-bi-O-sis) noun

A return to life after death or apparent death.

Many animals and plants can survive periods of

extreme drought or cold. They reach a state of

suspended animation and can come back to life

even after being dormant for years. One such plant

is the Rose of Jericho, also known as Anastatica or

Resurrection plant. In dry conditions, its stems curl

into a ball. When blown by the wind, it spreads its

seeds along the way. When moistened, it turns into

a green plant again, even after years of dryness.[/color]


verdant, glowing

and growing green

alive again

I thrive again

I lie, in love

and lay beside

stay beside

my love, it?s you

you ring me up

you sing me up

bring me in

and fling me up

my heart awoke

it rose like smoke

mighty oak

each beat, each stroke

your song contrives

a thriving drive

striving jive

I?ve come alive

my rhyme revived

your love arrived

long deprived

but will survive

so long morose

you keep me close

touch my bloom

with love, it grows

so long alone

those days have flown

I should?ve known

my love, my own

my heart was stone

as bare as bone

love, it shone

and life was sown

my heart?s alive

this love will thrive

your kiss drives

me to survive

I am your rose

the one you chose

thus repose

comes to a close


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