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Guest BlueTesting

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Guest BlueTesting

Blue as BlueTesting is Testing.

Hi everyone,

Yes, I added BlueTesting as a test subject, since I needed to confirm a couple of usability points. -- We may keep him around, or he may go into the old bit bucket.

I just thought you'd all want to know that it's on purpose and from one of your friendly moderators.

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I added a new member, BlueTesting for...testing. That's why there's a post with another avatar in Blue's Closet. -- Notice that my member name is still very blue.

Why? Well, not to confuse all of you. Sorry, that was an unintended side effect. Er, I thought I was being clear. -- No, it's to make sure that I know what a regular member sees when he or she registers, logs on, posts, or does whatever else one might do. I had a couple of usability questions to answer. Thus, a test subject was...hatched. Perhaps I should've called him LabMouse? Pinky?

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That would be:

o Doctor Who

o The Who

o Horton Hears a Who

o All the Whos down in Whoville

o A nosy owl



Friendly moderators? -- Oh, right, must remember to be extra grumpy. Scrooge and Snape, scoot over.

Hmm, nah, can't do it. I prefer Sunny.Blue to MeanOld.Blue. Besides, I'm tryin' to get past that negative, gloomy old self. "ClosetBoy.Blue" is out...well, getting out, at least. "Balanced.Blue" is getting there.

:laughs: Even when I'm joking, I take a serious look at things. That's just me.

Wibby does better with the "professional curmudgeon" persona than I do. -- Love ya for it, Wibby.

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