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Spam, Chat Rooms 'n' Love.


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Spam, Chat Rooms 'n' Love.

by Camy.

Spam is the bane of my life I moan

As I sit at my desk and write hard

Crafting long missives selling penis enlargement

To the upper east side of the park

On weekends I find that hanging large weights

Does nothing at all for my length

Though fretting and whining over what is 'real' spam

Makes for great chat room gossip with Sven

I hope that's his name, though I don't know for sure

He lives across oceans so vast

He seems young and cute though his avatar's a newt

Am I dumb? Is he having a laugh?

We spoke at long last - we'll never meet

His Zimmer won't fit on the plane

And the nurse at the home says he lives all alone

And only has half of his brain.

So the spam continues to stuff up the bin

And my heart is broken - damn Sven

More money invested to find me a 'man'

I need a new chat room - again!

No cats were harmed during the production of this 'poem'. It's so hot they're comatose.

19th July 2006

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Camy, what a delightful poem.

You made me laugh and still feel some compassion for both the characters.

I really loved the way the poem jumps to the plane verse.

So unexpected, but then so was the comment about the cats.

(still chuckling)


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