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A Happy and An unhappy

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That second video is the song vi?rar vel til loft?r?sa on the DVD + CD single Sigur 1 / Sigur 9 by Sigur R?s. They are an Icelandic band. The lead singer is gay and is blind in one eye. His vocal style is very unusual, with an otherworldly quality. His instrument style is a little unusual. He uses a bow sometimes on the guitar.

Below, the discs are not given as links, but you can go to Amazon.com and search in CDs for the band name, or the CD title, or the ASIN number.

artist | group: sigur r?s

track: vi?rar vel til loft?r?sa

available on:

    [*]video dvd: sigur 1 / sigur 9 (CD & DVD) [CD-SINGLE] ~ Amazon.com ASIN: B00008Y4E8 ;

    [*]audio cd: ?g?tis byrjun [ORIGINAL RECORDING REISSUED] ~ Amazon.com ASIN: B00005IC2H ;

      I highly recommend the DVD. It has at least three videos; four, I think. (I've misplaced my DVD, looking for it.)

      Besides the video of the two gay boys, there is also a video of a troupe of dancers with Down's Syndrome, doing an interpretive dance of angels. The last scene in that video shows a friendly, playful kiss between two of the dancers.

      You can see the video also in the video section listed below. Look for the first listing for vi?rar vel til loft?r?sa with the photo of the boy with the fish and the discarded doll on the dock.


      The site as a whole; their media of all kinds; their videos for playing. Not sure about the method for downloading, but they're available.


      Official site for their most recent(?) disc:

      @ http://www.sigur-ros.com/

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