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Talo Segura

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In a last ditch attempt to reach agreement between the UK and EU over exit terms from the European Community, Boris Johnson, the blond guy with messy hair and a Churchillian demeanour, had a word or two to say about fishing rights (all the fish the EU take from the sea are in British territorial waters and the EU have proposed to maintain their right to fish as part of any exit agreement, and should there be no agreement to still keep the right for one year. No change). Boris told the EU, "You can't have your cake and eat it!" (Meaning: you can't not agree exit terms and keep fishing in UK waters like nothing's changed). Although Boris was prohibited from talking directly to both the French President and German Chancellor ( EU fears of dividing the community), Mr Macron, nevertheless, replied saying, "I only want my part of the cake!"

Brilliant, he only wants his part of the cake. It is a shame Boris did not tell him: "Excuse me, Mr Macron, but it is NOT your cake to have a part of."

Perhaps the EU is about to face its Waterloo!


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It is not quite that simple. French, Belgium and Dutch fishing boats had certain fishing rights in UK waters before we joined the EU and entered the Joint Fisheries Agreement. What Boris is trying to do now is to take away even those rights.

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I think the UK is negotiating an agreement part of which includes a new agreement on fishing in UK waters, paying for this access or granting access possibly with reduced quotas in exchange to free unhindered access to the European single market. Either way it looks like time has run out. If, as is likely, there is no agreement then let's not forget the EU is trying to impose the toughest conditions upon the UK of any (trade) agreement between any countries ever.

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