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Jason Rimbaud

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By: Jason R.

I fall

down into a pit

a pit of my own making

and design

though I fall

my eyes are wide and blind

clarity is a concept

I have never found

so I grip to my fear

like a fuck without a noun

my soul is diseased

stained gray and black

if I was Dorian Gray

more than lines would I lack

and when I look into my future

I only see me alone

when I peer into my past

I only see me alone

when I reflect on the present

I only see me alone

yet I am happy

for you are not in my world anymore

If anyone is interested. My website has been redone. Lots a poetry and a few short stories.

My Webpage

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I think I like it, though the way you've written the lines seems to me wrong. What I mean is that when I read it aloud (it's the way I read poetry) the way I read it is different to the way it's presented... if that makes sense.

I'm still thinking about:

clarity is a concept

I have never found

so I grip to my fear

like a fuck without a noun


Good website! Fresh stories to read. Yay!

I hate geocities. Damn intrusive adverts down the right hand side. Bah.


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Hey Camy,

Sorry about Geo Cities, the ads do suck. But I wanted to be sure I warranted a website

before paying for a name. I am new at this posting online stuff and I didn't want to waste my

money if no one would be interested in reading my stuff.

I agree about the format of this piece. This is the third time I've re-written it and I still

don't like it. Something is missing. Though for the life of me I can't figure out what. I'll keep

trying. Maybe I'll try a different format again.

Jason R.

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