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Please Come With Me by: Douglas

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I read this story late last night after I got home from work and I read it again first thing this morning.

Well, this afternoon when I got up, three pm. Anyway.

Very well written, and very tense. The use of internal dialogue, one thing I dislike, is used so perfectly I forgot I was reading a story written in the first person. Very well done with a vision of a scary future I could almost see happening. Good thing I live in California.

Great job Douglas. I hope to see more pieces from you.

Jason R.

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Thank you both, JasonR and Camy, so much.

I've told some other people, Tuesday's election makes me a little less concerned . . . but only a little. The long term outlook for the US still scares me.

</politics off>

As for the rest, I'm still slightly awed that the story got posted, here. The content on this site is amazing; and I've read at least some of your work ("Robert's Day" and "So Called Chaos"), and I'm flattered to be listed on the same screen.

Which means, time to get back to work . . .


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