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How to Reply to a Private Message (PM)


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To reply to a PM (private message) simply click the Quote button, below-right of the message text panel:

(Click the image below to enlarge it so you can see it.)


It works fine, honest!

The button image is just not intuitive.

We are reporting it to the skin designer, so the proper button image will be used instead.

Click the Quote button to make a Reply, and it will quote the message and give you room to add your reply above or below the quoted text.

Thanks, everyone.


"You can be more."

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In the default setting, that button is marked Reply, and is set up to Quote the text of the PM to which the member is replying.

That isn't an error, that's the behavior they intended.

In this skin, though, the button is marked Quote, which has confused some people, who (sensibly) expected a Reply button.

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