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Spontaneous 13


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Spontaneous 13

by Camy

Spontaneous erections

have caught me out before,

but now I'm definitely in control,

it won't happen any more.

‘He’ popped up at the doctors;

who blushed, coughed, and wrote a note.

He sprang to attention when I saw the guy,

who stars in my favourite soap.

‘He’ didn’t pay attention,

when I begged him to behave:

I had to pretend it was all a joke,

when I bussed a guy called Dave.

The next month ‘he’ was harder;

more than ‘he’ was soft.

I remember the discomfort very well;

‘He’ was a bitch, though well aloft.

Then a subtly creeping anguish,

forced me to sit and think …

it wasn’t girls that got ‘him’ excited,

it was guys - some dressed in pink!

It was guys ‘he’ liked, and no mistake:

It was guys who floated ‘his’ boat.

Girls did nothing; zilch, nada, zip -

but guys let ‘him’ freely emote….


I was thinking about the thread 'Spontaneous erections' and I remembered a summer a long time ago, in a land far, far away - when I was 13. :bunny:

I'm almost entirely unconvinced about the punctuation - and it hasn't been near Kitty's wondrous red pen.

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