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The sun never came up today

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The sun never came up today

I boxed your things in cardboard

Slipped our new picture from its frame

I packed your paperback hoard

And those love letters with your name

The sun never came up today

Outside the sky is crying

And streaking up the window pane

Inside my eyes are lying

They?re blaming it all on the rain

And the sun never came up today

I folded up the clothing

That smelled faintly of your cologne

Ignored the scent of loathing

Caught from your voice inside my phone

No, the sun never came up today

I wonder at the raindrops

And this high noon as black as night

I wonder when this pain stops

And whether storms give way to light

What if the sun never came up?


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Echoes of SRV and Nilli Vanilli, an odd juxtaposition in itself.

Funny you should mention cardboard boxes.

Hey, good poem. -- It's been raining here the past two days. "The sky is crying," indeed.

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