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Hit the Floor

Guest Rustic Monk

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Guest Rustic Monk

Hit the Floor

Gabriel Duncan

Homo freedom bandit

Got hair on both hands

I stand up

For all the motherfuckers who can?t stand

My dick is made of gold

It stays hard even when it?s cold

Keep you locking up your son at night

After you found our porno

I sign autographs

And leave numbers in the pages

Got him coming while I splat

From my rocket, in three stages

No respect, to no authority

No belief, in any deity

If I leave, it won?t be quietly

I?ve got C4, and a short ass wire, B.

So try me

I implore thee

Light my fuse

And see

It?s a sick, sad inside joke

When they yoke us

And we fall back to half mast

It?s disgusting how futile our fight is

How many times they?ve done that

I?m the homo freedom bandit

Holding a trigger in both hands

I stand up

For all the motherfuckers who can?t stand

You might find us at the parade

But you?ll find me inside your church

Waiting for you the next day

I?ll drag your body by the hearse

It?s wasn?t me who cast the first stone

But I?ma be the last

Won?t listen when you atone

My tone of voice will be a shotgun blast

These threats of violence

Ain?t got a letter on you perpetrators

Unimprisoned haters,

Call me the vindicator

I?m the homo freedom bandit

I?ve got a rainbow on my shoulders

And two cannons in my hands

I stand up for all the motherfuckers who can?t stand

Perpetrate precise attacks

And disappear into the land

You ain?t got the grounds

Or the precedence

Won?t leave you to be found

The bullet in you?s evidence

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Guest Rustic Monk

metaphor. i have a chris goodwin tattoo on my shoulder.

i meant a rainbow flag patch or something like that. or maybe a rainbow flag draped like a cape over my shoulders. for some reason I was still thinking stars and stripes. 'cause i think the HFB should be patriotic, to a certain extent.


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