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I hate to see this spot inactive. There are lots of fine stories to be hailed.

Of course, the last time I recommended one, it seemed to stir up a hornet's nest. I suggested others might like a story I liked, and was lambasted for it, or the story was, along with its author, which I found indelicate to say the least. But enough of that.

I am currently reading the second part of a trilogy by Draginacht, found at http://www.crvboy.org/authorsam.html

I guess to defer outcry, I'll say out front, the writing isn't impeccable. Of course, neither is mine, or most anyone else's. However the story is quite enjoyable, and I'd recommend it. It's at least respectable novel length, probably longer, so it isn't an afternoon's read, but if you start it, you'll probably keep reading.

Oh, and it's in 3rd person, if anyone's interested.


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