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Submissions Sought for Gay and Lesbian Literary Supplement

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Windy City Times Fourth Annual GLBTQ Pride Literary Supplement, Edited by Kathie Bergquist and Owen Keehnen, is Now Accepting Submissions!

This years theme: Transgressions Transgress 1. to violate a law, command, moral code 2. to pass over or go beyond (a limit, boundary, etc.); 3. To go beyond the limits imposed by a law or command. 4. To step across.

Poetry: up to three poems, 500 words total max.

Fiction: up to 500 words.

Send submissions as a Microsoft Word attachment to WCTPride@gmail.com.

Double spaced 12 pt. font, please!

Deadline (strict): MAY 30th!

Accepted submissions will be paid $10 for poetry, $25 for prose. Lit supplement will run June 20th in Windy City Times.

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Are you sure about that 500 words for PROSE? That's one page...hardly much of a story.

Just curious.

TR :icon10:

PS. Peeps, I am trying to reconstruct my entire computer/contact system and have been doing so for the last several weeks. I hope to be back in the AD/online loop by this weekend but may not be. I miss you guys but do keep sending all story-editor stuff to that address, I am now getting them.

Hell is being trapped in a room with your friends and nine thousand disassembled and mismatched computer bits...

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