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More spoken poetry

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Great stuff Camy...where do you find the time to do all this?

PS I like your songs too, which is unusual for me as I am more into classical.

Keep up the good work.

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Hey Camy,

I've been listening to your songs and I must say, I really like Ancient. What a vivid picture this song paints. And your vocals, haunting and almost filled with self-loathing. Like you know what the most important thing is but you know you'll never find it. I like this very much.

With the song Courage, I love the flute solo, very powerful.

At first I wasn't sure where Happiness was going at first, but then the lyrics kicked in. Very surreal for me, almost like a dream.

I won't bore you by giving you a rundown of your songs, but I really like this side of you. More than just listening to you read poetry, though it's cool to put a voice to this crazy Emu we all love.

Makes me wonder if I'll ever hear H.R.S.A again. (hint, hint)

Jason R.

PS: Mental Anguish reminds me a bit of vintage INXS, like your channeling Mr. Hutinchson. Very cool.

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