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For those of you who use your own desktop shortcut to open the AwesomeDude Radio stream in Winamp/VLC or Windows Media... effective immediately our streaming provider has moved our stream to the following url:

For Winamp or VLC: http://mega2.radioserver.co.uk:8170/listen.pls

For Windows Media listerners (using the orban AAC plug in) icyx://mega2.radiostreamer.co.uk:8170

If you use the AwesomeDude Home page or AwesomeDude Radio page links to listen... they are already updated and you needn't do anything.


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:wav: Whoops... typo. Shame on me :wav: !

I corrected it in my original post but once again the correct Winamp or VLC URL is:


Mea maxima culpa.

Good news Rog :wav: and Makuro :biggrin: are home safe!

ADR's working great now. I'm using WinAmp 5.35 on Vista Ultimate with no extra codecs.

Colin :wav:

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