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The Pecman

PIECES OF DESTINY - back in action

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I had a big smile when you introduced a famous name from the past. I am curious how you will develop that one.

It wouldn't be a proper time-travel story if we didn't include famous names as cameos. You can expect to see a few more in forthcoming chapters.

Historical note: the real Jesse James was born near St. Louis, and was about 17 at the time this story took place, though his exact whereabouts during the Civil War are vague. I took the liberty of presuming that it would be *possible* that Jesse occasionally went to school, for purposes of the story. He's only a minor player now, but... well, we'll see.

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And coming very soon: Chapters 7 and 8, in a very special "two-for-one" deal to make up for the lack of updates over the past few months. Over 11,000 words, and there's some good stuff there -- a little sex, a little music, a little drama, and a little romance.

Special thanks again to Cole and VWL for providing much-needed advice and proofing on the manuscript. A tip of the ol' 1864 cowboy hat to both of you! (And also thanks to my partner Rod for suggesting that the end of Chapter 8 needed a kick in the ass, which worked out very well.)

I'm already hard at work on Chapter 9, where suddenly...

Nope, I'm not gonna say just yet. But things are going to change.

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That's the best news I have had all week. :wav:

It is a credit to Pecman's story writing abilities that even after waiting for the next chapter, I know I won't have to go back and read the previous chapter to remember what the story was about.

(Is that okay Pecman? Did I earn my $10?) :hehe:


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Only if it's AUS$10.

Actually, at the rate the U.S. economy is collapsing, I bet the Aussie dollar will kick our ass...

But yeah, the chapters should be self-explanatory. I figure the readers can always go back and read the last few pages of the previous chapters to get them up to speed.

I personally don't believe in those "previously on..." recaps, unless it was a weekly TV show, which this isn't. I trust the readers to pay attention, and I refuse to spoon-feed anybody the information they need to figure things out.

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Chapter 9 should be up shortly. Special thanks, as always, to Cole and VWL for helping me out with their invaluable advice.

I had hoped this would end this particular section of the novel, but it looks like we have at least one more chapter to go, maybe two. There's a possibility 10 will be done by New Year's (or shortly afterwards), so we'll see how it goes...

Thanks, and happy Festivus (for the rest of us)!

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Now completed: chapters 10 and 11. Once again, I had hoped to cross a pivotal moment in the story, but we're not quite there yet. Chapter 12, for sure.

There's some good moments here nonetheless. Thanks as always to Cole and VWL for slapping some sense in me behind-the-scenes.

God, the next chapter's gonna be a toughie. Get ready to brace yourselves...

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And chapter 12 should be up any moment now. Very difficult chapter to write, partly because of ongoing illness (a severe allergy, really, but it ain't going away), and partly because of tremendous grief going on at my day job.

Contrary to my original plans, the next chapter will be the real doozy. I'm finding it's easier to write than the last one, maybe because 12 was "the calm before the storm." (But I've said this before.)

I experimented a little bit with mood and setting in this one, so let me know what you folks think. (And by the gods, you definitely know the time and place.)

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[...] (And by the gods, you definitely know the time and place.)

I've solved the time and place issue!

My place, anytime.

Why this answer wasn't obvious before my 65 birthday, I'll never know. Perhaps I was being fussy.

Seriously Pecman, I am so looking forward to Chapter 12. :hehe:

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And, BTW, thanks again to VWL and Cole for having eagle eyes and for prodding me into thinking outside the box. I swear, there are demons living inside this computer that jump inside my manuscript and deliberately misspell words when I'm not looking...

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And contrary to popular belief... a new chapter will be up shortly. (Only six months late, but extenuating circumstances, etc., etc. ...)

Very tough one to write, but I think we're finally moving ahead.

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