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i thought

Guest Rustic Monk

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Guest Rustic Monk

i thought i got it easy

i thought it was all so figured out

but that floor beneath me

was as easily taken out

i thought it was the end

i thought the beginning was far behind

but it's me, the one that tends

to look past the cracks that grow in time

i thought i was the leader

man, i thought i was no one's punk

now i'm working water heaters

neck deep in someone else's junk

i thought i was observant

i believed in competence

but look now, mama

fishing toys out of the vents

thought i'd drop

red hot lines

but the boiling's stopped

baring the bottom of the pot

i thought ....

i don't know what

i thought i didn't give a fuck

i thought i'd try my luck

i thought

gabriel duncan

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Again as always, RM, you've managed to capture with well-sharpened words a painful moment that we can all identify with. Very nicely done!

You're a gifted poet and I love you.


:icon13: TR

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