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Gay Authors site down


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Starting Sunday April 20 the Gay Authors website including author's pages and the forum has been down. Today the only thing you can get to is the "front end" of the site, with their site map and the intro page. Trying to get to the forum results in an error page; trying to get to a story or author's page results in their equivalent of a "404 not found" error.

Makes me appreciate everything that the Dude does to keep AD online and running smoothly.

Colin :icon_tongue:

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According to Myr, when we chatted last night. An electrical issue at Invision Power Board, fried the server that GA is on. It occurred at approximately 9:00 p.m. Sunday evening.

I also observed problems with other Invision sites. All weekend long, it would take AD along time to do anything for me. Yesterday evening it finally got to the point that AD and The Talon House would time out and Deweywriter would give me a 404 error. So far this morning, no problems.

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It's good to know what the issue is. Hardware or software, or occasionally difficult people somewhere, it can be frustrating.

Several forums, not just gay-friendly, and not just using IPB software, have had trouble this month, but I don't think there's any connecting factors, besides ordinary maintenance issues and search engines or spambots... or the occasional less-than-helpful hosting company.

One forum software maker's support forum has had several complaints this month about a particular hosting company's service regarding that forum software. It's very discouraging for those of us who run forums and do our best daily to provide our members with good service. Right now, I'm considering whether to move a forum elsewhere to another forum software, because of that issue.

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